Oh, it hasn’t been a thousand days of cleaning already?  Are you SURE?

Nope, it’s just day three, no matter what my poor, abused body is saying.  So, obviously, my list for today was ridiculously ambitious.  The only way I could have accomplished all the things on my list would be a direct, constant IV of Red Bull in my arm, and a small army of house elves.  And I’m just not into performance enhancers like that.  It’s not fair to all the other moms, is it?

But, I managed to take a chunk out of it.  I finished my closet, which meant going through tons of outgrown boys’ clothes.  If you do the “hand-me down thing”, then you know what a colossal chore that was.  But it’s all done!  I also tackled the sewing gear, which had actually become so giant and unruly, that it developed a lower form of sentience and got a little sassy with me.  We worked it out, though.  It’s all nice and orderly and isn’t giving me anymore lip.  Also, although I didn’t quite get the laundry to submit to my authority, the laundry ROOM is looking pretty awesome.

What didn’t happen- the filing.  The game.  The call to my old friend.  The folding and putting away of laundry.  And, most unfortunately, the margarita.

But, there’s always tomorrow.

For now, I’m off to bed, so I’ll be ready for Day Four.

G’nite, all!