I’m gonna be honest here, folks.  I am beat.  Done.  Wiped.

Not just physically, but mentally as well.  All day, I had to wrestle with these jobs that I’ve been resisting for months.  It’s like when you’re a kid, and you know you have to eat those green beans on your plate.  First, you eat all the good stuff.  Then all the sudden, you’re the only one left sitting at the table, and you’re pushing around cold beans with your fork, just dreading the taste to come.  That was me all day- making myself deal with old, tasteless, cold beans.

BUT- the worst is behind me.  As a matter of fact, tomorrow should be kinda fun!  I’ll get to see it starting to come together.  I’m glad I did the hardest jobs first.  It was worth it.  Now, I get to have dessert!

And lemme tell ya, I’m gonna sleep like a … well… whatever.  I’m too tired to even think of anything that could sleep better than me tonight. My brain is shutting down, literally.  I think I just had a whole dream in between those sentences.

So I better get, before you hear me snore.  Sweet dreams,  y’all.  See you in the mornin’.