Today’s thought:  Exactly how long did I give myself to accomplish this task?  A week?  Perhaps I need to rethink my timeline on Project Ship Shape.  I seriously underestimated the monstrosity that is my closet!  I finally got it all cleared out and vacuumed and wiped down, though.  However, everything I pulled out is now littering the entire back of the house.  And I kinda want to cry.

That’s just part of the process, right?

On a positive note, I sorted the garbage bag of paperwork that had accumulated since Christmas.  (There is no excuse for that.  My shame is great.)  I got it all down into one small stack of bills, and put them neatly in the new organizer, ready to be paid.  I did add quite a bit to the HUGE BOX of things that need to be filed, but that’s for tomorrow.  One thing at a time, right?

I think I’m making some progress.  I think.  It certainly doesn’t look like it yet.  But now, it’s time for coffee, and possibly making some calls to a few professional closet organizers for some estimates.

Just kidding.

After coffee, I will be going after the clothes situation in the boys’ room.  Consider this my official prayer request.  ‘Cause it’s bad.  Then, after Mister’s nap, I’ll head back into the Black Abyss of Horror and Eternal Night.

Update tonight.  If I survive.

PS.  I did take pictures of my closet.  You can’t see it yet, though, because it literally made my camera weep in agony and break into a thousand pieces.  (nah.  Just waiting for the “after” shot to go with it.)