Ten minutes, people, that’s how long I’ve given myself for this post.  Why?  Because I am EXHAUSTED and BEDTIME is the last thing on today’s list.  Blogging is 2nd to last.

After this morning’s post, I declared a field trip to Wal-Mart.  There was much rejoicing, and scrambling of piggy banks for possible toy money.  We set out to buy a few inspirational organizational tools, and made it home by lunch.  I got my lovely Home Notebook, and set immediately to printing out forms to go in it.  I spent the rest of the day getting my coupons ready for my big Grocery Shopping Night (did I mention that I’ve started that up again?  Extreme Couponing, beware!)  I also rearranged a tiny bit around the house, and cleared out some things in preparation for Day 2 of Project Ship Shape. Then it was time to head out for soccer practice.  This day absolutely FLEW by.

So, there’s not actually much to see just yet, since most of the day was laying the groundwork.  Tomorrow is when the good stuff starts up.  Tomorrow, you will have photographic evidence of the sheer HORROR that is my closet.  And my laundry room.  And my sewing *ahem* area.  Or pile.  Or explosion.  Whatever you want to call it.

Goodness sake- just thinking of it makes me squirm.  Oh, the humiliation.

Anyway, there’s my ten minutes.  Now, it’s bed time, seriously.

Oh, one last thing, my grocery shopping was KILLER tonight.  I saved about $180 between Kroger and CVS!  I LOVE that.  I will have happy dreams of Extra Care Bucks and doubled coupons all night long.

Yes.  I just said that.

Okay, my friends.  Have a good night, and I will see you back for Day 2.