Good morning, all.  How about we sit and talk about nothing in particular, till we are ready to set about the day?  Sometimes, it’s just the thing, isn’t it?

Where to begin?  Sometimes I feel like I am saying the same things over and over– life is good, the kids are a blessing, and I am happy as a coconut.  I need a bumpersticker for my car  that says something to that effect.  Maybe Calvin peeing on the word “negativity”.  (Ha!)  Honestly, though, I am in a sweet season of life.  Even when it’s hard (and it IS sometimes), even when it’s messy, stressful, busy, you name it— it is so, so good.

You know that verse in the Bible that says children are a reward?  A blessing?  I’ve always believed that.  But I’m experiencing it in a whole new way these days.  They truly DO delight me.  They make me laugh, they give me so much affection I don’t know what to do with it all!  They are a pleasure to watch as they grow and learn.  They are interesting and surprising and unique.  I am, indeed, being rewarded every day by having them in my life.

On the subject of the kiddos, we are moving right along with school.  I am thinking about the curriculum for the upcoming year, considering how I might mix it up a little.  We are going to do some standardized testing in about a month, so I think I’ll wait and see how that goes before ordering our material for next year.  That way, I can get an idea of where their strengths and weaknesses are, and what we need to focus on.  It’s been a good year, though.  I think they will do well.  We still plan on working through the summer, with a few weeks off for bible school and traveling.

Let’s see, what else?  I’m still up and at ’em every morning at the gym before King Pen leaves for work.  (Yes, this is a minor miracle– applause is appropriate. Heh.)  Honestly, though it is early and I do miss sleeping a bit, it’s totally worth it.  I love getting a jumpstart on the day!  I feel better, sleep better, live better now that I do this.  I’ve also changed my eating habits a good bit, and as a result, lost about 16 lb. since February!  I began a running program and LOVED it (though I HATED it at first) but after a few weeks, I got shin splints.  So, I’m out of that for a while, till I get that under control.  Ever had shin splints?  I hadn’t.  They are hugely annoying and I hate them forever.  *grumble (Oh, how quickly my optimism flies out the window!  Maybe Calvin should be peeing on “shin splints.” Ok, no more of those jokes, I promise.)

So anyway.

More news of the ordinary and not breaking sort,  I’ve been singing in our church choir for the past few months to participate in the Easter cantata.  It’s been about ten years since I sang as part of any organized group, and boy was I rusty!  But it’s been so fun.  I love the camaraderie of rehearsals and working out my voice.  The only thing I don’t love is getting over some performance anxiety.  There’s one song that I have a solo bit in, and I have to swallow down my nervousness every time.  At least it’s towards the beginning, though, so afterward, I can just enjoy the rest of the musical.  We sing this coming Sunday, and I do believe I’ll miss it when we’re done.

Last bit of news, I never did get to tell you all how great my trip was to New Orleans with my sisters and mom.  It was as perfectly perfect as perfect can be.  It was some of my favorite indulgences– the company of my favorite girls in the world, delicious food and amazing sights, and a camera, completely unrestrained in any way,  in my hand.  It was sheer heaven.  We vowed to do this at least every other year, but hopefully every year.  Our next destination has already been suggested by my airline attendant sister– New York.  Dare we?  Yipes!  But she could get us buddy passes, so the flights would be free… so, that’s a hard one to pass up!  NY, 2012, here we come!

I’ll post a few of my favorite pics of our excursion now to finish out this post.  (If you want to see more, check out my Flickr album) Hope you all have a great morning!  It was lovely to catch up.