Preparing in the next few days to spend the weekend with my sisters and my mom in New Orleans.  We’ve been planning this trip for over six months now.  We had to wait until babies were weaned, cameras were obtained, and the stars aligned.  But finally, it’s here!  I cannot tell you how happy I am.  Rare is the opportunity we have time to spend together like this.  We’re all spread out, with busy lives, jobs, children– so this is a real treat.  To get to focus on our hobby, and on each other, is mahvelous, dahling!

I’ve been studying the elements of photography over the past few months, reading this and that.  I came across a passage from the book Expressive Photography that spoke to me.  It was so true, I just had to share it.  This is where it comes from for so many of us, this is how a photographer can be born:

“The desire to capture and chronicle our moments of being together can transform even the most casual photographer into the keeper of memories family and friends cherish for years to come.  We begin with holidays, vacations, and other occasions that draw us all to the same place at the same time.  We insist that everyone crowd in, put their faces together and smile for the camera, so we will have some record that we were all there in the same moment at the same time.  Our togetherness extends to everyday interactions with the people we value most- the piggyback ride in the backyard, the shared bliss of the summer sun, the stolen kiss, the sweetness of having a companion when we feel most alive or even most alone.  These portraits of togetherness nourish our souls long after the moment fades.  They are our record of how we loved, keeping us together in spirit- even as life sometimes demand that we be apart.”

That is where I started.  The search for a photo that holds onto this moment, that says, “this is the life we have lived and loved.”  It’s my way to tell my family, I love you.  I’m here with this camera right now, so that you’ll remember this moment and how happy we all were.  It’s for when things have changed, for when I am gone, for when you are sad, or lost, or lonesome.  It’s for when you need a reminder of simple and pure things in life, a reminder that it’s all worth it.  It’s my love letter to you, a mother’s message.  See what God has given us, dear ones.  You can trust Him.

Just look how good He is.