As a homeschooling mom, sometimes you look out the window, and then you look back at the kids, and you just know– it’s time for an impromptu field trip.  Oh, how I love delivering that unexpected reprieve from worksheets and spelling lists and vocabulary words!  They jump for joy!  Such happiness!  So, I made my announcement, and the mad scramble for socks and tennis shoes began.  We loaded up, and off to the zoo we went.

Our favorite exhibit is the otter habitat.  One was particularly frisky today, and zoomed right at the kids over and over again.

Mister especially loved the ducks.

I did stress some important animal facts, to make it educational and all.  One thing we learned, you know those monkeys with bald rear-ends?  My kids call them Booty Monkeys.  (followed by gales of laughter) Well, apparently, these monkeys have to sit on sharp rocks and thorny branches in the wild, so they have no nerve endings on their bottoms.  As the zookeeper explained this to my oh-so-fascinated children, I could see them storing it away for future reference.  This will come up again, there is no doubt.  Probably at church.  To the pastor.  ‘Cause that’s how my kids roll.


I’m outta here, folks.  Now it’s time for the post zoo nap and recovery.  (This will take the rest of the day, and possibly well into the evening.)

Happy weekend, everybody.  Hope you all have a restful, playful, enjoyable, and INFORMATIVE one!