…many times life just happens, and we are moving too fast to stop and grow through the experiences we face. Instead, we pray that the season would end and something new and favorable will begin.

Meet Karen.

Technically, she is married to my cousin, so that would make her my… cousin-in-law?  That sounds much farther removed than it should be, though.  Cousins just don’t get the recognition they deserve.  My cousin, Joey, is my very first friend.  He is as dear to me as a brother.  He has been a fixture, a pillar, an encourager, a cohort, an ally.  He’s seen me at my worst and my best, and all in between.  I can trust Joey to always tell me the truth, and I appreciate that so much about him.  Except for when he’s telling me the truth about my grammar.  Sometimes I don’t appreciate that so much.  Heh.

Anyway, he’s up and married a beautiful little lady from Jamaica.  I am excited to present her new blog to you, called “Blooming”.  It’s about blooming where God plants you.  Karen has a warm, generous spirit and a big heart, and plenty of insight. I know all that is going to come through in her writing, and I’m excited to follow her journey of “new”.  If you have a chance, do stop by and welcome her to the blogosphere!