So, HeroBoy’s party was awesome.  It just was.  I was so busy putting it together and keeping it together, that I didn’t get many pictures, and the ones I DID get weren’t all that great.  Bah.  But here are a few, and I’ll walk you through the rest of it.

What made it the most fun was all the food.  I had wookie cookies: (oatmeal)

Darth Drink, Jabba Juice, and Yoda Soda:  (cokes and sprites!)

We had birthday cake with the Dark side or the Light, and same for ice cream: (also, HeroBoy had constructed a star wars lego set as the decoration for the top)

And we had a Candy Cantina with Skywalker Skittles, Maul’s M&Ms, Grevious’ Gummies, Padme’s Peanut Butter Cups, Han’s Hersheys, and Leia’s Lollipops.  The kids LOVED making their own goodie bags to take home.  They got a good laugh over the characters standing guard over their candy.  I just printed these off the internet and taped them on the bowls.

We also had popcorn that I put into a clear, latex and powder free glove, and sealed with a red or brown ice cream cone.  This was either Vader’s hand, or Luke’s.  A little morbid, perhaps, but the kids loved it.

We played Star Wars bingo, which I got here and it was a big hit.  We played till everybody won, and they all got glow sticks as prizes.  For the goodie bag, I had star wars stickers and knick knack things, plus they each got a bubble wand “light saber”.  I also these fun, laser lights that hooked on to your finger, like spy gear or something.  We had the party at the park, so I didn’t need to plan any other games.  There wouldn’t have been time for them.

I really loved doing a theme- everybody got into it and had a great time.  Next time, I think we’ll do a costume party though, and maybe some “jedi training”.  With as many boys as I’ve got, I’m sure I’ll have many opportunities to perfect this theme!

Can’t believe my youngling is eight already. Happy birthday, son.