“Can you imagine the amount of faith it took for David to just look at this giant much less pick up a few stones and a sling shot and actually go to the front of the battle line? NO armor, NO sword, NO NEED. You see David knew that God had already won this battle. He did prepare, He picked up his stones and that little sling shot and He had faith that God would show up and show out. I have a giant in my life too. Many actually but the big one is Addiction. My giant keeps laughing at me. Reminding me of all the times I’ve tried and failed. Telling me that I will never win. And he laughs again. But there is another Voice. A Voice that tells me” This is for My Glory”.


These are words from my brother, as he writes through his recovery on his new blog.  He told me it was okay to share this link with my readers, and I’m so glad to do that.  Because you all know, you’ve been right there with me, as this Giant has mocked, threatened, and stolen from our family. You’ve listened, prayed, supported, and encouraged us in dark times, when his shadow loomed long and fearsome.  Stay now, and cheer with me as each smooth stone flies into the face of this foe.