Once upon a time, King Pen and I were young and newly married and had some oats to sow.  After college, we moved to Savannah, Georgia, which was a long, long way from home.  (We may, or may not, have moved there because King Pen once saw a cartoon as a kid that made a reference to some Southern piece of heaven called “Savanny”.  Yeah, we were big on really thinking out our ideas back then.)  Anyway.  It was a 12 hour drive, which meant, we might as well have lived in Europe.  It was the first time I had been separated from my family, really separated.  This was before facebook, skype, texting, before the internet was really in full swing.  (Oh my goodness, this is me being OLD!)

I was disconnected.

So, true to my nature, I tackled the problem in the nerdiest way possible.  I started writing a newsletter to send back to my family and friends.  I called it, “Savannah Happenings.”  (Yes, inspiring, isn’t it?)  I had updates on our life, Patrick’s job, and yes, heaven help me, our cat. I included a joke/riddle section, letters to the editor (oh, shannon), and anything else I could think of to fill up the pages.  I sent one out monthly, for longer than I care to remember.  If you were part of that elite mailing circle, and you were very, very smart, you saved one of these newsletters for future blackmail.

Thankfully, my sister in law, Amy, is just such a long-sighted and intelligent young woman.  She called me up not long ago, in tears over one she had found in a box somewhere.   Anyway, I had to laugh along with her.  It is pretty funny.  I should be terribly embarrassed, probably, but I’m not.   I was thinking it all over the other night, and I realized… Hey, I kinda like that about myself.  That’s a good thing about me- I’ve always been willing to put myself out there, no matter how it looks.

It was such a strange, unusual thought.  Because normally, my inner voice is just mean. Unforgiving.  Critical and negative.  Maybe your inner voice is nicer than mine, and you have no idea what I’m talking about.  (if that’s true, don’t be alarmed, but you may be an alien.) But mine never misses a failure, a shortcoming, a mistake.  So this kind thought about myself was a treat.

And I want you to have a treat, too.  So, today, let’s try something completely different.  Today, I want you to think about one thing that you REALLY like about yourself.  Something you know that you do well.  Some talent or skill or personality trait that brings others joy.  It’s okay, honestly.  This is not about getting boastful or arrogant or egotistical.  This is about recognizing, in the barrage of the negative things we tell ourselves,  that there are good things about us, too.  It’s about quieting that hurtful, vicious diatribe that discourages us, even just for a little while.

So today, like something about yourself.  Leave a comment, tell me what it is.  Don’t be shy, this is going to make your day a little happier, I promise.  Be brave, be kind to yourself.  You might find this harder than you think, but that’s the point.  If it feels so strange and weird to say something nice about yourself, then it’s time to work on seeing ourselves and loving ourselves the way God loves us.  With grace.  With a smile, with a laugh.  We’re not perfect, and you betcha we know it.  But there’s something special and wonderful about all of us.  Let’s find one good thing today, and just enjoy it.

Part two of the challenge– go find someone else, and tell them something you like about them.  You don’t know what their inner voice has told them today, this could be the day they really need to hear something completely different.

And now, I’m back off to my morning,

off to more adventures,

more happenings,

more nerdiness,

more life.