We’ve been fans of The Jesus Storybook Bible for a while now.  (Here’s my original post, for those who don’t know this lovely book.)  A few months ago, we bought the audio version to have in the car. It’s narrated by David Suchet, a British actor who has a marvelous voice.  It is a pure joy to hear, he is so funny and talented, and we often laugh out loud at his delivery.  Anyway, yesterday on our way to the library, we got to the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000. And I just loved, loved, loved this passage:

Now, there was a little boy in the crowd. He had brought a lunch that his mother had made for him that morning. He looked at his five loaves and two fish. It wasn’t much- not nearly enough for 5,000- but it was all he had.

“I have some,” he said.

Jesus’ friends laughed when they saw his little lunch. “That’s not nearly enough,” they said.

But they were wrong. Jesus knew it didn’t matter how much the little boy had. God would make it enough, more than enough.

Jesus said, “Bring me what you have.” And so the little boy gave Jesus his lunch. Jesus winked at the little boy and whispered in his ear, “Watch!”

“How in the world will Jesus feed everyone with just that?” Jesus’ friends said, because they thought it was impossible.

But Jesus knew the One who made all the fish in the oceans. Jesus knew the One who in the very beginning had made everything out of nothing at all. How hard would something like this be for Someone like that?

You know the rest of the story.  He feeds the multitude, with twelve baskets leftover.

Oh, beautiful reminder! Just like the apostles in this story, we forget that the obstacles, the needs, the challenges in our life are a breeze to God.  To us, they may seem impossible, insurmountable.  And His methods, completely implausible, laughable even.  But, He knows what He’s doing.  He’s God. Maker, Creator, of every bit of anything in existence! There is absolutely nothing He can’t do, no matter how inconceivable it is to us little things.  We just have to give Him what we have, and He makes it enough, and more.  He takes our gifts, our faith in Him, our sacrifices and offerings, and He multiplies it.  He feeds us, and to make His point, provides so much that we can’t even use it all!  I have to think He does it with a twinkle in His eye, a joyful laugh, to see the astonished looks on our faces.  He just loves to amaze us.

He’s quite wonderful, isn’t He?