My sister has a good eye. (The other one isn’t so bad, either.) She’s been interested in photography since her college days, and is now taking it up a notch with a Canon Rebel she got for Christmas. She’s also started a Flickr group, called 52 Weeks. Each week has a different theme. This week was “breakfast”, which I’ll admit, was a bit of a challenge to me. I’m not at my best photo taking first thing in the morning, and I am not greatly inspired by oatmeal! I was happy with this shot though, it reminds me of new beginnings and fresh starts and simple times. That’s a lot for an egg to do. No wonder it’s incredible, AND edible.


Anyway, I will post my pics at Flickr, but I’ll also put there here on my blog, just for fun. Want to be part of the group? Just leave a comment with your email address and we’ll send you an invite.