Family time today. We loaded everyone up, and drove about an hour away to visit a Star Wars exhibit in Lafayette. It was so worth it. All the kids were amazed at the costume displays and interactive hovercraft and oh, just the fun of getting out of the house. We have somehow become country folk without me knowing it. You’d think we were in New York City in Times Square at the way their eyes were popping!

It was a much needed happy day for this bunch.

I love the view on a day like today. Watching them, enjoying the life we have together. Right now, for these brief years, we have nothing but togetherness. Even more so for us than many people, because we homeschool. The kids have something precious, something they’ll never have quite like this at any other point in their life. They have time with each other. There are no jobs, no families, no distance. Life is uncomplicated, unhurried,unmeasured. They can laugh and play and jump and enjoy each other from the moment they wake till the very last minute of the day. There are no goodbyes, no missed moments. No long distance phone calls. No birthday cards in the mail, no phone tag, no hectic visiting in a crowded room twice a year.

It blesses me to see these moments, to know that they will look back on them as the golden days of our family. They will remember this togetherness, and thank God for it, knowing what a gift they have of each other.

How I love my job, my part. I set the stage, place the props, and take a seat. I hold my camera and I click away, saving pieces of the show for later. Later, when they have college and families and jobs and distance– later, when time is scarce, and it can’t begin to match the love they will still have for one another. They will have these photographs to remember.

And so will I.