Marveling today at a God who can do anything. It’s so easy to forget, isn’t it? So easy to listen to the sly whispers of our enemy, that God can do a lot of things, but not this, Not this impossible thing. He can’t heal this wound. He can’t fix this circumstance. He can’t change that heart. He can’t forgive this transgression, surely not. It’s too big, too lost, too broken, too far gone, too impossible.  

Lies. Lies. Lies! There is never anything beyond God!

He turns despair to hope. He makes broken things whole again. He heals and repairs, He restores.  He opens doors, He finds ways.  He does impossible things, unimaginable, baffling, surprising, delightful things. He changes everything. He moves the water, He stills it, He walks on it, He changes it into wine– He can do anything and everything, absolutely and completely.

He is capable

The ruin and rubble of our mistakes– He can take it and transform it in His mighty hands into something new and glorious. He can, and He does, when we lay it before Him.

So, no to the deceiver. No, no, and no again. My God is big enough for the worst of me.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:26