Chipmunk is a busy little critter. He always has been. From the moment he was born, this kid had stuff to do and he was in a hurry to get to it.

He will spend long stretches of time, happily constructing winding train tracks, or making weapons out of tinker toys, or building magnificent block castles.

Often, I will hear him giggling in the other room, and I don’t usually have to wait long to know why. He will come running to fetch me, laughing. “Come see, Mama!”

Sometimes, it’s that cars have all lined up to investigate a downed motorcyclist.

Or, when the Power Ranger found a bag to match his shoes. (This was the epitome of hilarity to Chipmunk. He laughed for hours.)

Whatever it is…


or cars,

or coloring,

or smoochin’ up for the camera,

He never does anything halfheartedly. He puts everything he’s got into it, no matter what it is. His determination to have fun in every moment of his day is infectious, and delightful.

Love that boy.