A Better Half Meme:  King Pen Weighs In

1. She’s sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
A guilty pleasure. Like “Legend of the Seeker” or “America’s Next Top Model”
(Oh, broadcast my shame, honey.)

2. You’re out to eat, what kind of dressing does she get on her salad?
Thousand Island

3. What’s one food she doesn’t like?
She will not go near any kind of meat in a can, like spam or sardines.
(Wise, I am.)

4. You go out to eat and have a drink, what does she order?
A Margarita or possibly a Whiskey Sour.
(An amaretto sour will go down just fine, as well.)

5. What shirt size does she have?
Medium(?)(what a weird question)
(I agree, strange.)

6. What shoe size does she have?
I would just ask if I for some strange reason I would have to know. I don’t forsee ever having to buy her shoes. Thats just not something a guy can do.
(Skip the flowers, you can buy me shoes anytime!  Just save the receipt.  🙂 )

7. What’s her favorite type of sandwich?
Type of sandwich? Ham would probably tie with a BLT.
(I do love a good BLT.)

8. What would she eat everyday if she could?
Reeses Pieces
(Close.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  But you will never see me turn down Pieces.)

9. What is her favorite cereal?
Special K -Although I doubt she would call it her favorite, it is the one she eats the most.
(He’s right.  My favorite would probably be Cap’n Crunch with the RED berries, the way they used to make it, but nobody would ever know that answer.  I’m not 8 anymore, so Special K it is!)

10. What would she never wear?
A high necked, prairie muffin dress.
(That’s not a bad guess.  My first answer would be that I’d never wear a tie, but I did have to once as part of a server uniform.  It was hideous.)

11. What is her favorite sports team?
She’s not that into sports.
(How well he knows me!)

12. What is something she does that you wish she wouldn’t do?
Turn the fan and A/C and some kind of white noise making device on all while I’m trying to sleep.
(Guilty as charged.  Poor King Pen.)

13.  What is her heritage?
Scotch and Welsh
(Irish, too)

14. You bake her a cake, what kind of cake?
The last cake I made her was lemon with white icing.
(Actually, it was strawberry.  And very sweet of you.)

15. Did she play sports in high school?
Too good for sports. She was in the Theatre.
(True, but I have to wonder at the wording of this answer.)

16. What could she spend hours doing?
Sewing or writing or shooting pictures or blogging or reading or practicing guitar or researching genealogy.
(Totally.  Any of the above, please!)

17. What is the unique talent that she has?
Not just holding together a house full of kids, but always thinking of better ways to do it!

18. What is her type of coffee?
She likes it on the weaker side. With lots of sugar and she has to have the powdered creamer.
(Correct.  Don’t even bother if it’s not powdered.)

Thanks, Darlin’!  This was a fun Friday post!  You know me well.