if you are lucky, you have an uncle.  an uncle like this one:

one who swings you high on nice summer days.

one who takes you arrowhead hunting in the cotton field.

one who hikes out in the woods with you and all your cousins with sketchpads, to see what can be caught with your pens.

one who teaches you bocce ball, and how to skin a coon, in the same weekend.

one who brings the buffalo rock ginger ale and firecrackers and recruits you to be the lookout on his “expeditions”.

one who builds you sandboxes, wrangles you into tearing down old barns with him, and makes you eat poke sallet.

one who wrestles, and tickles, and teases, and hugs, and busts up arguments and kills the snakes and clears poison ivy out of your clubhouse, and when you start getting older, he shows you his favorite movies and makes you watch Project Runway with him, and tells you about his college days.

That’s the kind of uncle you have… if you are lucky.