… for each hour it brings something new.”

Never do I see that more than when I get ready to post another first day of school photo comparison.  Another year has passed, another moment to marvel over how my children have grown and changed.  I won’t cry this year, Iwon’tI won’tIwon’t.

Czarina, last year, 4th grade:

And this year, 5th grade, pigtails courtesy herself:

HeroBoy, last year in 1st:

And this year, my big (excuse me, COOL) 2nd grader:

The Duke, last year in pre-K (um, unofficially, since we didn’t do much.)

And now, my genuine, bonafide KINDERGARTNER!

And of course, Chipmunk last year:

And this year, tagging along in Pre-K:

Last but not least, Mister, enrolled in the first year of Baby school:

So far he’s got all A’s.

It’s going to be a wonderful year, I can tell already.  We’re really just now starting to find our stride with homeschooling, and I am truly enjoying it.  More school room pics to follow in the next post.