Dare I even attempt to write a post tonight?  Madness.  Any effort at coherence is going to be in vain.  You won’t get much sense out of me tonight, I’m afraid. But I feel like hearing my fingers tick away at the keyboard.  And that urge is so rare nowadays, that I should indulge it when the mood strikes.

We started year five of homeschooling today.  Let us observe a moment of astonishment over that one!  I am, as usual, a bit overwhelmed this first day.  There are many kinks to iron out, and lots of balls to juggle at one time.  You know it’s a doozy when I start mixing metaphors.  But, it was great.  And I am loving that I am Teacher.  It feels comfortable now, it’s an honor, it’s a joy.  It has become one of my Favorite Things. I don’t mind juggling balls and ironing kinks and mixing the occasional metaphor.  Seeing my children learn, participating in that- it is one of the most satisfying and rewarding exercises of my life.

Five years down… eighteen more to go.

Whoa.  Maybe we don’t need to say it like that.


I’m tired.

So I’m going to sleep.  But I just wanted to pop in, note the day.  Happy five years to us!  A proper schooling post with the traditional first day pics to follow.

Sweet dreams, butterbeans.

[Me, doing one of my other favorite things.]