Magical moment, right now, when little hands are occupied, when happiness is in every corner of my home.  Czarina, busy sewing little creatures for her brothers, “I just want to sew anything I can get my needle into!!” she says eagerly.

HeroBoy, enjoying a playstation game, (because it’s summer, and hotter than the surface of the sun right now), cheerfully griping about not being able to defeat the latest level.

The Duke, standing and humming at the sink with a sopping wet washcloth, busy working on the breakfast dishes.

Chipmunk, seated at the kid’s table, stringing big, colorful beads, just for the fun of it.

Mister, snoozing away, dreaming baby dreams, resting his busy little body for the next round.

And me, working, thinking, and thanking, in this quiet and happy productive moment.