End every complaint with “but it could be worse.”  Then think about HOW, and see what happens.

Believe that everybody is doing the best they can with what they’ve got.  (Thank you, Uncle Mike.)

If they are acting up, give them a snack.  Then read them a book.  Food + words = peace.

Just say “no” to leftover birthday cake.  Never say “no” to snuggling.

Adjusting your expectations isn’t failure.  It is hard earned wisdom.

Drink coffee out of a cup you love.  Life’s too short for styrofoam.

Wear flowy skirts.  It makes life a little more charming.

Slipcovers SEEM like a good idea.  But they aren’t.

Make a big deal over the good stuff, not the bad.

Choose to laugh.  Don’t wait for it.

Walk and talk with your friends.

Take pictures with your heart.

Bake somebody something.

Embrace silliness.

Smile freely.

Hug lots.