File under: Thankful.

Lately, I have ordered a lot of things online.  School books, gifts, etc.  No matter what it is, or if it’s even for me, I love the anticipation of a package in the mail.  To me, just knowing that something is out there and it’s on it’s way to me is a small thrill.  People are handling this little box with my name on it, checking order numbers, marking it off shipments lists, etc.  I imagine all the hustle and bustle of a mail room, conveyor belts, packages rattling around in cargo holds, on trains or big trucks… All just to make sure this little brown package finds it’s way across the country to my waiting hands.

Well, over the past few weeks, everything I ordered came in.  Each time a new box came, I got a little skip to my step.  It didn’t matter what it was– I just loved seeing the mailman walking up my drive because a package wouldn’t fit in the mailbox.  But alas, all good things must come to an end.  Finally, the last of my orders was completed, and there was nothing left to buy.  Nothing left to make the long journey to my little corner of the world.  Nothing left to anticipate.  And I was a little bummed about that.

Simple pleasures, right?  Am I totally geeky for this?

Anyway, Friday, I was having a particularly blue day, moping a bit. It wasn’t mail related, it was just… life. (Believe me, I’m as tired of writing that as I am feeling it!!  Depression be gone!!)  So the mail ran, and I sent HeroBoy out to fetch it.  Lo and behold, he returns bearing a gift– a package!  Whee!  Did I forget something, I asked myself?  Did I order something and it slipped my mind?

No, it wasn’t something I had ordered… it was something somebody ordered for me. No name, or card… just an item shipped directly from a business to me.  Inside was one of these:

And a t-shirt that said the same.

Oh, thank you.  Thanks for listening to me a few posts ago, as I moaned and groaned, and ended with a casual remark that maybe this coffee mug would cheer me up.  Thanks for caring about me, and doing something spectacularly nice and unexpected.  Thanks for being my friend, for being so thoughtful, for encouraging me just when I needed it.  I want you to know, I was just blown away by  you.

I used it today for the first time, and the coffee was divine steaming from that cup. I want you to know that I will think of YOU, whoever YOU are, every single time I use it.  And I will keep calm, and I will carry on, partly because I have such wonderful people in my life.

God bless you.