Well, as usual, after a post like yesterday’s, I feel better.  I never like reading those entries the next day, but it is cathartic.  It’s like I just need to expel the negative thoughts, clear my mind out.  I’m not saying that today was a complete turn around or anything, but at least I am going to bed tonight with a lighter heart.  That’s a good thing.

Not much more to say on it all, just wanted to let you know I’m hauling myself up by the bootstraps.  No more pity party.  No more cheese with my whinin’.  No more tripping over my bottom lip.  Moving on.

Instead, how about some pictures of my week so far?

King Pen occasionally takes the three oldest kids hiking out at an abandoned army base that has completely grown up.  The landscape now is very surreal, as the forest slowly overtakes ancient roads and barracks, even swimming pools and parking lots.  They headed out Sunday and he took a few pictures:

Who knows what shenanigans they were up to in this photo?  This is how they always look, cutting up at something.

Another exciting event takes place twice a week, the garbage men coming!  The Duke and Chipmunk would take drinks and some popcorn out there for the show if I would let them.  They love it!

All in all, the Duke feels pretty cool.  His day is off to a magnificent start.

Also keeping us busy this week is Chipmunk and our endeavor to leave behind diapers.  Here he is, pouting on the potty, because I refused to let him down till there was some *ahem* progress.  Classic.

Sorry, sweetpea.  Maybe you won’t appreciate this photo in seven or eight years, but I have earned the rights to this photo, believe me.  Anyway.  

Chipmunk may give me a run for my money sometimes, but I am still in love.  How could I not be?

So, that’s it.  A little sliver of my week.  Not all encompassing, but hey, it’s only Wednesday.  These are just something to make me smile, and something to remind me that maybe these are hard days, but they are good days, too.

Night everybody.  Sleep tight.