Chipmunk cracks me up.  

He’s a legomaniac, which he has inherited honestly from HeroBoy.  He sees HeroBoy constructing all kinds of ships, boats, pods, jets, you name it.  I love to see all of them, heads bent over the lego bin, busy as little bees, making fantastical creations.  

This is one of Chipmunk’s that keeps popping up, and it makes me laugh every time.  I think of all these little lego guys, carpooling to work on a boat balanced precariously on two wheels.  ‘Cause that’s what happens in LegoLand, of course.  Aliens, race car drivers, astronauts, what have you– they’re all just punching the clock whether they’re good guys or bad guys.  Might as well save a buck and ride in together.

*Note the steering wheel.  Nice detailing, huh?