I drove in to Vicksburg Friday night after King Pen got off work.  I had Calhoun with me (of course).  I was going there to be with family, to sit with my grandmother in the hospital.  I am so glad that I did.  Glad to say goodbye, to let her hear my voice, to let her hear her youngest great-grandchild’s cries and coos.  Glad to see a part of my mother and her siblings that I’ve never seen before.  It was heartbreaking to watch them, watching her.  But the way they loved her, keeping vigil over her, it was moving.  They honored her, giving her a gift of gratitude and gentleness and presence as she left this world.  I’m just humbled by that, by the depths of them, by the kind passage they gave her.  I learned something of that part of life– I saw how God works even in our sadness, how good He is, even in our goodbyes.  I will never forget my mom and dad, my aunts and uncles, as they lifted up a loved one to God, watching Him bear that person away.  It was a beautiful, holy moment.  

She was indeed, blessed, celebrated by her family for the woman she was.  No greater farewell than that.