I’ve got a sick little fella around here.  Calhoun has had a cold for about 2 weeks, and it isn’t improving.  Yesterday evening as I was getting ready to bathe him, I noticed that his breathing was labored and his little chest was retracting.  That’s a common sign of RSV, which HeroBoy had at about this age.  Anyway, after talking to the pediatrician on call (since this stuff NEVER happens during normal office hours!!), he told me to go on to the ER, which is standard for a baby this age.  You just can’t take chances with them.  So, we hopped on over there, and were seen right away, thank goodness.  His RSV test was negative, but they said he was definitely junky in his chest, so they did a breathing treatment.  They sent me home with a nebulizer, and he’s had a few more treatments since then.  I think it’s helping his chest, but his nose is so congested that it’s still tough on the mister.  We’re headed to the pediatrician’s office this morning, but I don’t think there’s really anything else they can do for him.  Just have to ride it out, I imagine.  We’ll see though– I’ll feel better after letting them look at him.  I just want him to be well again.  It breaks my heart to see him so uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, my grandmother is also very sick.  If you think of it, please offer up a prayer for her (and my mom) today.  She’s been in the hospital or rehab for several months now, and Mom told me last night that she is septic.  So, keep her in your thoughts, if you will.  My family is pretty discouraged.  I know it’s hard on her children to see her suffering.  

And last one- please pray for my brother, who needs to do some healing, in body and in spirit.  

Thanks, guys.  Big love to all.