Dear HeroBoy,

Today, you are seven.  Today, you took a big stride in the big world.  I look at you and can’t get over how far you’ve come, how quickly you are racing into the future.  You have always been a full steam ahead kinda guy.  I love the way you tackle life, with confidence, optimism, and a (somewhat alarming) fearlessness.  I love that there’s nothing you won’t take on.  The fact that you can laugh at your mistakes and failures as easily as you take pride in your accomplishments just blows me away.  Who taught you that?  Not me, not really.  You are just that way.  

You have a certain grace, a boyish one– it’s very obvious in your physical activities.  It’s a pleasure to watch you scale a tree, or ride your bike, or cast a line, or run down a field.  But it’s also in the way you speak to old folks, or hold a door for me, how you wear a corderouy jacket, or sing along loudly in the backseat.  You are just an utterly charming person in every way.  You make everything fun, everything brighter, sweeter.

I am honored to get to be your mom.  Truthfully, I mean that.  Your dad feels the same way about being your father.  You don’t know how often we sit around talking about how unique and funny and special you are.  I’m so proud of you, so glad you are ours.  Know that today, and every day, we thank God for the gift of you.  

Love you, E.  Happy Seventh Year.