Good morning, blogworld!  If I type REALLY fast, I might get in a whole post this morning.  I will do my darndest.  I have so many half written, unpublished posts, it’s not even funny. “Completion” is not a term that applies often around here!  But the kids are eating breakfast, and Calhoun is staring at the ceiling, so I might have enough time.  

Life is very busy, but it’s finally feeling “normal”.  We’re not just in survival mode anymore.  Of course, everything still revolves around Calhoun’s schedule and his adorableness (we have to stop and go ga-ga over him at least every hour).  Things are definitely baby centered, but we’re starting to pick up other pieces of our lives, as well.  School is back on track, and the kids are doing great with it.  We’ve even been out and about some- small forays into the world with five children!  The house work isn’t so overwhelming anymore, and I’m back to menu planning and grocery shopping.  We’re all out of our pajamas before lunch time, and I get to brush my teeth almost every day!  Things are good.  I’ve realized, it’s always going to be somewhat chaotic and busy, but we have found our underlying sense of peace and comfort to this new pace of life.  

This past weekend, Calhoun was baptized at King Pen’s parent’s church.  We are in the process of becoming members there, although we won’t actually live close enough to attend regularly for at least another year.  I was so glad that the pastor agreed to baptize him, because truly, we love that church and the people there.  My parents, my sister and her husband, and my uncle all drove over from Vicksburg to celebrate with us.  (Thank you for that… it meant so much!!)  We had a chili dinner afterwards, which I couldn’t have pulled off without my mother-in-law’s help.  Again, I have to make note of her awesomeness!  She has been such an immense help these last few weeks.  We’ve transitioned so well due in large part to her support.  

Anyway, after dinner, we attended the visitation for the passing of King Pen’s 93 year old grandmother.  The funeral was Monday.  How meaningful to celebrate the beginning and ending of this mortal existence at the same time!  Nanny was quite the character.  It was probably the best funeral I’ve ever been to.  It was a joyful memorial of her life, full of uplifting and funny stories, all testaments to the unique person she was.  She was buried in a fancy red dress she had picked out for the occasion, and all the girls wore a brooch from her crazy collection of owls and frogs and cats.  She would have loved that.  She will be missed, till we see her again.

So, a full weekend, in every sense of the word.  Now, we settle into life, happy to have our ups and downs, our highs and lows, happy, simply, to have each other.  

In the chaos..

And in the calm…