I always have a hard time writing that first post after Christmas.  It’s like admitting, okay, back to life as usual!  It’s hard to say goodbye to Christmas, isn’t it?  What a magical, meaningful time of the year.  

We had a great holiday.  It smelled, tasted, and felt just right.  We were able to follow through with most of our Christmas traditions, even though I am great with child and had to waddle through most of it!  We did lots of fun crafts and baking and visiting.  After we had Christmas here at our house, we sent the kids on to visit grandparents.  They come back tomorrow.  So, King Pen and I missed out on the family gatherings, but it did give us a little quiet, recouping time.  We spent Saturday celebrating our 13th anniversary, which was a real treat.  So nice to enjoy alone time with my husband, to reflect on how far we’ve come, and where we’re going.  Right at Christmas, and right before another big change in our family, it just felt like good timing.  It started with us, everything started with us, thirteen years ago.  I am glad we could stop and reflect on the amazing blessing we have in each other, on God’s gift of mercy and goodness in our marriage.

With a few quiet days to ourselves, now there is just the waiting.  I’m trying not to overwatch, overthink… but I am ready.  We want to meet this little person, who feels like a very BIG person right now, actually.  We’ve got his space all carved out in our life.  Everything is just right for him- soft blankets, clean clothes, a warm bed.  Four small eager sets of hands wait to pet him and touch his baby cheeks, the rocking chair has a nice new comfy cushion… there is nothing left to wash or prepare for his arrival.  We’re ready.  I am ready.

So, that’s our weekend.  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and that this last week of 2009 is a good one.  I’ll be writing off and on, but my sister has cheerfully volunteered to update for me should the need arise.  (I don’t, for the record, feel “laborly” yet, but keep your fingers crossed.  Come on, baby!!)

Happy Sunday, everybody.