The kids are watching a Charlie Brown Christmas, and I am on strict orders by my husband to do NOTHING today, so here I am.  Sipping a glass of water, pretending it’s sangria, and looking out the window as cold rain dribbles down from a gray sky.

WOW!  I wasn’t even trying to be melodramatic, but it sure came out that way!  Charlie Brown automatically conjures up a certain melancholy, doesn’t he?  He’s such a downer.  And the rest, well, it really is cold rain and a gray sky.  Them’s the facts.

I went this morning for iron treatment number 8, I think.  Yesterday, I had another CBC to see how it’s “taking”, and I got mixed news.  The good news, is that they’ve basically stabilized it, and my iron level is no longer dropping.  Well, it actually was a bit lower than the first time they tested it, which confused me, because how could that be GOOD?  But I guess it was like being in the red at the bank, and bad checks were still coming in, even though we were putting cash in.  (Been there, done that, huh?)  Anyway, we’re now done with that part, the checks are all in, and we can start getting out of the negative.  Now we can begin repairing the damage.

So, the bad news, at least to my overly optimistic self, is that the treatments must continue.  Indefinitely.  The more I can get before the baby comes, the better chance I have at having a normal, safe delivery with no blood transfusions or anything like that.  I can have up to twenty rounds, (oh my poor veins!) but I don’t think I’ll have time for them all.  We’ll see!  I mean, it’s not BADDDDD news, it’s just, I misunderstood the situation and I thought there was a chance that 10 rounds was it.  It was disappointing.  I wanted this part to be over, so I could just concentrate on Christmas and anticipating the baby and all that.  I’m a little bit over the daily needles and the drive in, and dealing with childcare.  


But, enough complaining.  I really am thankful that this is treatable, and the inconvenience is more annoying than it is terrible!  It’s not a big deal.  Sitting there with chemo patients day in and day out has really kept it in perspective, ya know?

I do feel better, my joints feel younger, and I don’t feel so emotionally fatigued.  Two weeks ago, the littlest physical activity really made me want to cry.  I’m past that, I do feel more equipped mentally to handle the day.  Physically, I am still not all the way up to it.  I tire pretty easily, but since I’m not doing much, it’s not so bad!  King Pen has taken over so much, and friends and family have helped with the kids a lot, so I don’t feel overextended.  Plus, we’re almost there, right?  Can’t be pregnant forever!  I did see my regular doctor yesterday, and he estimated that the baby is 7 lbs. and 8 oz using an ultrasound.  I am also dilated 2 cm.  He doesn’t think I’ll have the baby till after Christmas, and I think he’s probably right.  But, things are definitely starting to draw to an end, I can tell.  

So, bags are packed, I am preregistered, presents are all wrapped, and baby prep is finished.  It’s a relief to have it all settled.

Well, that’s it, just thought I’d post an update, for those of you wondering if this had turned into a photoblog only!  Happy Thursday, everybody.  Hope you’ve had a good week.  Now off to refill my sangria water.