Photo for the day, a tiny fraction of the millions of medicine cups and droppers I just washed. They’re stacking up fast.  We started Thanksgiving with a mystery fever for Chipmunk. Followed shortly by tonsillitis and respiratory issues for the Duke. A stomach virus for HeroBoy. And now, Czarina’s got a fever, though I’m not sure what camp she’ll fall into.  We’ve put the hurting on some tylenol and motrin, not to mention antibiotics and cold meds.  This pic sums up Dec. 2nd perfectly, unfortunately.

To top it all off, I learned today at my ob apt. that my iron did not improve a single bit, and is, in fact, much worse.  So, I have to go in for an IV iron infusion sometime tomorrow. Bummer.

‘Nuff with the health stuff, already!  Here’s to hoping Day 3’s picture is a little more festive and well.

UPDATED TO ADD:  Czarina has the stomach bug, in a bad way.  😦  Iron will wait till next week.