Dear Fifth Child,

See?  I really was pregnant with you, despite the lack of photographic evidence.  And, I was happy about it, because you see me smiling here.  I am 32 weeks– only 6 more to go until you could be here.

I know you are wondering why there aren’t more photos, more scrapbooks, more momentos of your natal life… I would like to direct your questions to your all consuming older brothers and sister.  They can explain it best.  I am so busy being mom on the outside, but please know that I am happily mom on the inside, too.  I cherish each kick and roll, each moment that is YOU.  I promise you that when you are here, no family will love you or want you more than we do.  If there aren’t as many tangible pieces of these days as we’d like, if your baby book looks a little bare…  just know that your life will be full to the brim with joy and hugs and fun, just like it is for your older brothers and sister.  We are busy, busy, busy, loving each other.

Can’t wait for you to get here.