(not my best title choice, I’ll admit.)

Holy moly, what a cold that was.  I didn’t think I was going to pull out of that one!  Coupled with the pregnancy congestion, it was a doozy.  But I feel much better today, I can tell I’ve come ’round the bend.  Just in the nick of time, too, because life wasn’t going to wait much longer.  Things are looking a little scary around here.  Bad things happening in the laundry room.  And don’t even mention the kid’s bathroom.  -shiver-  There are times when even rubber gloves seem inadequate.

So, halfway through the week, and I’ll be running to catch up, but at least I’m back in the game!  We missed a day of school yesterday, so we’ll do our best to make that up today.   Also, King Pen is picking up our pumpkin to carve today, there are costumes to work on, tomorrow I have an OB appointment and I think my mil is coming to watch the kids for me.  I need to go grocery shopping sometime or another, and get us ready for a weekend out of town again.  

Stop, stop!!  No more!  The “To Do” list is not helpful today.  It’s too long!

So, being sick the last day, I have vegged out in front of the tv, watching a thousand home renovation shows.  (I seriously have some sort of addiction to these shows right now)  I saw a preview for ABC ‘s new series, “V”.   Am I the only one totally stoked about that?  Whoohoo, reptilian aliens who eat mice!!  This was definitely one of my favorite shows as a kid.  I hope it doesn’t disappoint!  Do you remember seeing “V” spray painted in red around town?  There was one on our elementary school bus stop, and I thought that was so cool.  One of the highschool kids must have done it.

Anyway.  This is much better than my overwhelming To Do list.

I am camera shopping, finally!!  Unfortunately, I’ve taken myself out of the SLR arena.  I just cannot afford one right now, not without a lot of other expenses looming ahead.  It’s kind of a letdown, I’ll admit.  BUT, it’s not that I won’t ever get one, just not right now.  I can live with delay.  Better to be wise with the budget, right?  Maybe in six months or so.  But for now, I’m looking at some higher end point and shoots (better than what I had), and I am just excited to have a camera back in my hands.  I’ve been a month without one and it’s been tough!  

Well, I guess I can’t put off the inevitable any longer.  Must get started.  That list isn’t tackling itself!

By the way, I wanted to thank everybody for the kind comments on my last post, and on Facebook.  You guys are the greatest.  You make the difficult topics easy to share, because I know the love and encouragement that will be waiting on the other end.

Have a great Wednesday!