Something really strange is happening in la casa de WonderGirl.  (blame the Spanish on the taco soup simmering in the crockpot)  Things are starting to look downright tidy.

I’ve been tackling one big job every couple of days- major closet cleaning, stained countertops, sorting/packing outgrown children’s clothes, etc.  King Pen is even in on the action, as he repainted the master bathroom today.  And in a few weekends, we’ll be redoing the bedroom, too.  

Lo and behold, all the effort is starting to show!  Well, blow me down.  I forgot that the outcome would be so obvious, so visual.  It’s like walking briskly with your head down, then suddenly looking up and seeing how far you’ve come!  Whooboy!  I’m loving it!  I’ve still got a few large tasks left, but for the most part, my house is starting to have some semblance of organization again.  It’s such a good feeling!  I’m hoping by the end of the month that everything will be in order enough that all I have to do is maintain it.  (And enjoy it!)

It definitely makes the idea of a baby coming into the mix a lot easier to process.  Plus, I can relax and celebrate the holidays knowing things are somewhat prepared.  It’s such a huge weight off my mind.

Well, I’m too tired to think much more tonight.  I’m off to get comfy in some pjs and settle in for some SNL.

Happy weekened, everybody.