Once upon a time, most of my blogging was done at night, often in wee, insomniac hours.  Oh, how I laugh at those nights, when I couldn’t sleep.  Because now, I can barely stay awake till 10!  My body demands sleep, and my mind is dragged along whether it wants it or not.

So, I’m a morning blogger now!  You come out with entirely different posts in the morning.  Nighttime posts are introspective, sometimes melancholy.  Morning posts are more like To Do lists, ticking off all the things coming up in your day.  They almost always mention coffee.  Ha.

It’s been a busy few days.  We had Czarina’s birthday party Saturday at the park.  It went well!  The weather was great, everybody had fun on the playground.  We played a few games, had pizza and melty cupcakes.  She got a bike, which she desperately needed.  Her old one was a knee-knocker–her legs have grown a mile in the last year!  Anyway, it was a good, busy weekend.  Monday kicked off the week just fine, and we’re back to our routine.  Routine is extremely important around here.  Without it, we fall apart a bit!

Things are coming together around the house.  I’m slowly, slowly getting the Big Jobs done.  My closet, which was a monster, is now the most zen place in the house.  I keep finding excuses to go in there, just to soak up the beauty and organization.  -happy sigh-  After that job, we got to work on the school room, which is now nice and tidy, and also a lovely place to hang out.  Next up are the gajillion bags of boys clothes to sort by size and season.  And of course, the laundry, which is a work in progress.  

But, I’m feeling better about it all.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed at the sheer amount of work it takes to keep this ship afloat.  If you start to slack, it builds up so fast!  So, getting things back into order is a huge relief.

Okay, I’m done for now.  I’ve written about all the surface things, the bare minimum of a blog post.  I’m really, honestly, wanting to get to the meatier subjects on my mind lately, but I just don’t have time!  It’s so frustrating!!  

Oh well.

Maybe later.

Hope everybody has a great day!  Happy Tuesday.