Good morning, world!  I’m drinking a particularly good cup of coffee at the moment, and it’s hitting that sweet spot.  I’m up!  I’m awake!  Ready to go!  I’m acting like it’s a Friday or something.

Maybe I’m just happy yesterday is over.  It was a little rocky for me, for some reason.  I had an ob appointment in the afternoon, and I had to do the glucose test.  I wasn’t expecting it, and bleh!  It was fine, of course- I never have any trouble with gestational diabetes.  But it just made me feel gross, and the technician who took my blood left me with a sore arm.  Of the thousands of times I’ve had blood drawn over the years, I’ve never seen anybody so bad at it!  This time, I knew to get her to do it from my left arm, so at least it’s not hampering my activities.  Anyway, we got stuck in traffic on the way home, the kids are all sniffly and slightly under the weather– it just wasn’t good.  Poor King Pen, by the time he walked in the door after work, I was laying on the couch, cranky, supper not even a thought in my head.  We ordered pizza and he handled all the evening stuff with the kids.  I have the BEST husband.  I hate to put it all on him like that, but I appreciate that he took over.  

But, today is a new day!  We have story time at the library, then we’ll come home and do school.  After King Pen comes home from work, I’m off to buy supplies for Czarina’s birthday party on Saturday.  It’s way past her birthday, but this is the first weekend we’ve had a chance to do it with her friends.  I can’t believe she’s nine!  Anyway, she’s having a “forest friends” party (she’s such a nature girl), and here is the front of the invitation that King Pen drew up for her:


Isn’t it cute?  So, I’m off to find forest creature-ish stuff for goodie bags and decorations, not to mention a few gifts for the birthday girl!  King Pen will be picking up her “big” gift tomorrow after work.  I still have to figure out how I want to do the cake, or cupcakes.  I’ve got some creative magazines and books to look through for some ideas, and there’s always fondant to use if I’m feeling brave.  So, we’ll see.  

-I was going to add that I’ll take some pictures of the final product, but WAH!!!  Still no camera yet.  I’m gonna have to pick up a disposable one for this event, I guess!  Hopefully next week, I’ll be camera shopping.

Let’s see… what else?  Halloween costumes!  So far, I’ve got HeroBoy pegged down for Indiana Jones.  I need to pick up a few things for that, but it’ll be an easy one to put together.  The Duke wants to be a Transformer, which baffles me.  I don’t know HOW to do that one without buying some expensive costume.  Must google that one.  Czarina isn’t settled on anything yet, but hopefully we can figure something out soon so I can get started!  And lastly, I’m thinking of doing Chipmunk up as Popeye.  That would be soooo adorable, my heart just squeezes.  

I love October!!

One last bit of meandering– I’m looking forward to crawling up into the attic today (okay, not REALLY looking forward to that part) and getting down all the Fall gear I bought last year on clearance.  Tablecloths, napkins, deco stuff– all things I picked up last year in my resolution to celebrate the changing seasons more visually in my home.  I don’t even remember what I’ve got up there!  But I’m excited about it.  (And I’ll be careful, I promise.  The attic is not difficult to access.)

Oh, oh, one MORE last random thought, then I’m off to the day.  Remember I said we were going to paint my bedroom?  It’s actually more like two rooms, sort of a “master suite” if you are feeling generously descriptive.  (Okay, it’s not ACTUALLY a suite, it’s just a weird layout that I can’t describe in any other way.)  Anyway, the large room has all the dressers and seating and the tv, computer – it gets the basic painting.  But in the smaller side room that has our bed, we’ve decided to paint stripes!  Not dual toned, but just a gloss and matte vertical stripe in the same color as the large room.  Won’t that be cool?  I’ve never done a paint treatment like that, so it’ll be fun.  Plus,a little extra snazzy.  We can always use snazzy in our life, right?  So, hopefully we’ll get to that in a few weekends.  I WILL take before and after pictures of that, for sure.

Well, I have rambled on way too much this morning.  Coffee’s all gone, kids are waking up, and it’s time to get to it.  Hope you all have a loverly fall day, and we’ll pick this up again tomorrow.  😉