Painting!!  We’re going to paint my bedroom.  Sweet!  Right now, it’s a hideous pale pink, complete with scuff marks and nail holes aplenty.  When you’re renting, you never want to invest too much into your space, because you know you’ll be leaving eventually.  But shoot, we have to look at it every single day, and it is depressing.  I don’t want to be in there.  It’s not a retreat, it’s not refreshing, it’s not cozy.  So, we’ve decided, let’s just do it.  Let’s fix it up so it will be a place we enjoy.

I think I am nesting, now that I think about it.

It seems a little early, but I think it’s kicked in because there is so VERY much to do around here!  

Anyway, so we have to paint in a neutral tone, which is fine. There are still lots of interesting colors and tones  to choose from that aren’t too crazy.  Besides that, I’m looking into having our cast-iron bed sandblasted and repainted.  And I’m going to make some new curtains for the windows.  A few pillows, some creative touches here and there… and voila!  I’ll have a new bedroom.  I have plenty of  DiY and HGTV programs to fuel my imagination, so I’m excited.  I love makeovers!  Plus, it’s fun to have a project at this time of the year, don’t ya think?  Fall is so invigorating.  It gets my creative juices flowing!

Well, I have to get on to my day, and I’m sure you do, too.  Please forgive the “lightness” of my blogging lately.  I’m just trying to get back into the habit of writing more frequently, without worrying too much about the topics right now.  Dolly said it on her blog today, and she is totally right– “Facebook is trying to kill my blog.”  Those status updates take what would normally be a blog post idea, and condense it into a one sentence summary.  It’s unfortunate, though… because Facebook is not a record-keeper.  If I write there what I would normally write here, then I haven’t preserved that thought for later.  I’ve just thrown into the black hole of status feed.  So, I’m trying to write here more consistently.  Eventually (hopefully), it’ll get more interesting and relevant than me painting my bedroom.  I would hate to bore us all to death with small talk forever!  But, I’ll persevere, and write until the writing’s good.  I refuse to let Facebook take down my blog!

‘Nuff for now, must go make some cheese grits.  (Now that’s a good Facebook status.)