I’ve still got a few sleepyheads in bed, and I don’t have the heart to wake them up just yet.  A perk of homeschooling that comes in handy, especially on a Monday!

I’m ready for the week, the first one that feels normal in a while.  No late nights for King Pen, no post-vacation come down, just a regular week.  I’m also eager to watch September turn into October.  Don’t you just love October?  It’s coming, it’s coming!  Hot chocolate, cinnamon smells, crispy, crunchy leaves on the ground, cozy socks on your feet… all the delicious smells, textures, tastes, sounds of fall.  It’s not quite here yet, but you know it’s just over the next hill.  Delightful.

Now that summer is behind us, (except for the lingering Southern heat, of course!) I am starting to get antsy to put my house in order.  I won’t call it “nesting”, but it’s something.  There are closets that need organizing, clothes to be sorted and packed, papers to be filed, Christmas presents that need to be bought, etc, etc.  Not to mention baby preparations!  Lots to do.  And none of it getting done while I’m sitting here, -sigh-.  Suppose I must get on with the morning, and you must, too, eh?

Have a great Monday, everybody.  I’ll post again soon.  Enjoy your week!