So, now’s not the best time for me to blogging– mornings are always pretty busy around here!  But, I’m already a little behind schedule this morning, so I might as well squeeze in a quick post.  I’ll warn you, this post will not be a work of literary genius.  No awards will be won over this one!

Now, with your expectations greatly lowered, on to the catch up!

King Pen has been staying late every night after work at a coffee shop, studying for a test on Friday.  It’s not been too bad, we’ve just had simple dinners and low maintenance evenings.  But I have literally fallen into bed every night!  I am “feeling” this pregnancy a lot more lately– which makes me nervous.  I’ve still got 3 months left to go!  I was hoping that run down feeling wouldn’t come till much, much later.  But, it’s been a particularly crazy month, so maybe things will settle down for October.

We’re headed out of town again this weekend for my nephew’s baptism.  (I know, you just can’t nail our feet to the ground!) After that, though, we’re through.  I’m not budging for at least a month!  

Let’s see… some other points… I got my hair cut!  It’s about chin length, in a really fun, sleek bob.  And I love it.  Love it.  I had gotten to where it was in a ponytail every single day and it was KILLING me.  Now, it takes me about five minutes to fix, and it actually has a style.  There is nothing like a good hair cut to make a girl feel fashionable!  I’ll get somebody to take a picture of me this weekend, so you can see the belly, and the hair.  Of course, they’ll have to use their own camera, because mine is GONE.

So here it is, the moment I have to accept the fact that I am camera-less.  I’ve been going through the stages of grief, and denial lasted a long time.  😦  It’s not a particularly dramatic story– we were at a goofy golf place, and it got set down.  When we realized what had happened and went back for it, it was gone.  Not turned in to lost or found or anything– just gone.  Somebody out there should be ashamed of themselves.  It just made me so mad, because if you look at the pictures already on there, we were obviously on a family vacation!  Who does that?  

Anyway, so I have no pictures of this trip.  Which stinks.  That part, I still can’t really think about, because it upsets me.  I’m still planning on getting a SLR, but I can’t do it just yet.  So, for the moment, I’m without lens.  😦  I can’t think of any witty joke to make about it, because I’m pretty bummed about it.  I know it’s not the end of the world, but I certainly feel bare handed without it.

Moving on… 

Well, I probably better get the lead out.  I hope that as life straightens out a little bit, I’ll get back into my blogging routine as well.  Things seem so haphazard lately, and I miss the consistency of writing!  I forget that it’s more than just a luxury of free time for me, but that it’s actually therapeutic and refreshing as well.  I miss it, and need it.

‘Nuff for now.  More later.