Dear you,

Today is a day for pajamas and books and slowly, slowly unpacking sandy suitcases. It is not a day to rush about, just a day to enjoy being home again.  Just a day to test out the waters of regular life.  Tomorrow we can dive back in, but for now, we only dip our toes.

Vacation was wonderful.  We had far more rain than we wanted, but we made do.  We had plenty of beach time, enough to leave us wanting more but not unsatisfied.  I loved watching the kids, seeing them approach the sun and waves and sand in their own, individual ways.  I loved being with King Pen, for a whole week, not having to share him with his job or responsibilities.  To say it was a very good week seems kinda small- it was more than good.  It was refreshing, invigorating, absolutely savored.  We loved it.

As amazing as it was though, I am not sad to be home again.  It was not a vacation to escape our life– it wasn’t really to “get away from it all.”  But, leaving regular life does give you clarity.  It removes some of the details for a while, the “clutter” of the day.  What remains is the simple picture of who you are as a family.  And what we are… well, it’s pretty incredible.  I love the way we all fit together, the way we are one piece of the whole, like a puzzle.  Those kinds of thoughts usually make me a bit melancholy, sad to think of things changing.  But not right now.  Right now, I have a peace, that although the picture will always be changing, it will always be beautiful.  Although we will look different every year, we will always fit together to make something special.  And I don’t have to be sad about that.

Wow.  That is much more profound in my life than I can describe.  It is much more than I thought to gain from a week at the beach.  I am glad for it, though.

Well, there is plenty more to tell, but for now, I just wanted to say hello.  I’ll post again tomorrow, during which I’ll tell you the sad story of why I have no pictures of this trip.  Till then.