Mornin’, chick peas.  Ready for Wednesday?  Looks to be a busy one for us today– HeroBoy has a dentist appointment, and I have an appointment with my ob doctor, too.  So we’ll be running around a good bit, which will make the day go by pretty fast.  It’s the beginning of a very fast week for us, actually.  Looking at our schedule, there is something going on nearly every day.  I’ll spare you the actual details, but I’m not exaggerating!  By the time we roll out of here next Saturday for Destin, we’re gonna NEED a vacation!  

I stayed up last night watching The Other Boleyn Girl.  Henry VIII was a fascinating character, wasn’t he?  (And I don’t mean Eric Bana in the movie, but the actual person of the king.)  So powerful, and yet, so captive to his vices.  A complicated, interesting, dangerous man.  Anytime I read about the intrigues of his court, and later his daughter, Elizabeth’s… I have to say, how glad I am to have been born in the 21st century!  Drama back then could mean your death, or the fall of a country.  Whew.  High stakes.  But great material for future books and movies!

Let’s see, what else… next week is my birthday!  We’re going to wait and celebrate it when we’re in Destin, and have free babysitters at our disposal.  (Oh, I didn’t mention that yet, Mom?  Yeah… um… surprise!!  Aren’t you excited!?)  I will be 34, which seems wild to me!  I guess it’s like that from this point on– do you ever really feel your age?  It’s not that I mind it, I’m just surprised by it.  I’ve decided this year that I want a pair of hot shoes.  Not brown or black, which is what I always end up buying.  Always sensible.  No, this year, I want red, or plum– something sassy.  Maybe in suede, even.  Entirely nonsensible.  I think that should be a rule in the 30’s– no sensible birthday presents.

Well, I’m just babbling, and procrastinating.  I have mucho to duo.  Maybe I’ll have time later to hop on and finish this directionless rambling.  Ha.  

Have a good day, everybody.