Love them, love them, love them.  These little people around me.  Who knew the human heart could melt in a thousand ways?  They each do something different to me, they tug at strings tied only to them.  Czarina, with her creamy, peachy skin and nose that wrinkles to one side a wee bit when she laughs… and HeroBoy with his brown, bottomless eyes and tough little Indian body… the Duke, with the the squeaky voice, the only child I have ever known who would pretend to be a mushroom… and Chipmunk, the pale, strawberry little rascal whose “I luh you, toooo” absolutely sends me over the moon…

It’s too much.  How can one person possibly contain all the love they keep giving?  It’s spilling over, right out of my hands.  I am holding more memories and feelings in these two arms than is humanly possible.  It’s crazy, it squeezes me so hard sometimes that I want to cry from the joy of it, and the fear of it not always being just like it is in this moment.