Good morning, world!  The kids are still asleep, and steam is curling up from my coffee cup.  (how glad I am to drink it once again) The news channel blinks in the corner, proving that there are indeed people who have been up far longer than me.  And they have fabulous makeup and hair, as if merely being awake wasn’t enough.  How rude.  If I’m not mistaken, I hear my neighbor starting up his lawn mower.  (Oh well for the kids staying asleep! )

Thursday was a long time coming this week.  Glad it’s here now, though.  We have story time at the library this morning, school, and then a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese tonight.  Maybe there’s room in the day for a quick dip in the pool for the kids, and a chance to catch up on the housework for me!  

How cliché my day sounds!  The only thing I’m not doing that fits the stereotype today is taking somebody to soccer practice, and that’s only because it’s not the right season.  Ha!  I’ve been “mommified”.

Moving on.  Half a cup of coffee now.  Half the kids are up.  Thursday is fast, indeed.  No time for smooth segues, let’s topic-hop.

  • Maybe I’ll find a book for myself at the library today.  Gone are the days of slowly browsing the shelves, listening to the quiet call of the perfect book.  Now, I must grab the closest thing at hand that might fit into my ridiculously stuffed bag.  This can be surprisingly interesting, or it can go horribly wrong.  Either way, I need something to read.  My brain is starving.  I can’t remember my last book.
  • There were tadpoles in the pool yesterday.  I don’t blame them, the water looked deliciously green and inviting. I laid in bed last night, wishing I had scooped them out with a bucket before adding pool chemicals that afternoon.  I am the Chlorine Monster.  I am the one Mama Frogs use to frighten wayward tadpoles into good behavior.  Sad.
  • Thinking of my new camera, that will come live with me and be my best friend some day soon.  In a month maybe, I’ll sell my current camera and lenses, and put that money towards what I really want, and all my photographic dreams will come true.  I have already begun to distance myself emotionally from my current camera.  That can’t be normal.  It’s like, I know we’re about to break up, even though it doesn’t.  It knows something is different, something is wrong.  I don’t use it like I used to, we don’t spend time together.  But it’s in denial.  Maybe it is trying harder to please, to hold things together.  But it’s over.  And when it all comes out, I can’t even use those comfort words, “it’s not you, it’s me”, because… well.  You get the idea.  

Maybe that’s enough coffee, huh?

Well, must get on with it.  Pajama-clad sleepy heads are wandering in one at a time with the usual  “goodmorningmamawhat’sforbreakfast?”

So, I must scare up something from the cupboard.  

Happy day to you all.