So, after finishing up our second day of school, and eating lunch, I looked around at my unclean house and realized something that had not occurred to me before for some reason.  I am now starting all the housework about 3 hours behind my usual schedule.  


Can’t be helped, because I can’t do two things at once.  So, housework starts at 1 p.m., when it used to start around 9 or 10.  I got on to it, and around 4, stuck some potatoes in the oven to bake, and crashed out on the couch for about half an hour or so.  I simply couldn’t keep my eyes open another second!  I guess this new schedule is going to take some getting used to.  I’m up earlier, and doing more work (physically and mentally), AND I’m pregnant.  I have been going to bed an hour earlier, though, to help, but it’s still an adjustment.  I’m not complaining, it just all hit me today.  For some reason, I didn’t take that part into account during all my excitement over school.  I blame it on the dry erase markers.  They make me forget things.

As far as school is going, I couldn’t ask for it to be any smoother.  Big hooray for that!  All the kids are excited, and I’m gonna work that as long as I can.  Czarina is going to be the biggest challenge to keep the momentum going, because dangit, 4th grade is a lot of work.  She’s got gobs of it already, and we’ve not even added in history/geography or science/health yet.  (Those are both 1/2 a year subjects, and I’m waiting on some delayed curriculum to come in.)  So, bless her heart, she’s got a whopper of a year coming on.  I know she’s up for it, even if it is a little shocking to her system .  She’s bright.  She’ll handle it.  HeroBoy is super excited to be in reading land again.  He’s going to be easy to teach as well.  Looking down the road, I think the Duke might drag his feet a little more than anybody else, but PreK is mostly just fun stuff.  So, he’s good for now.  And Chipmunk is enjoying the tactile elements of school time– fingerpainting and gluing and all that fun, messy stuff.  It is the highlight of their day.

Well, the potatoes smell done, and I promised somebody I’d paint their toes, too.  I won’t tell you who.  Ha.  Happy Humpday, everybody!