So, today was the day. 

I’ve anxiously counted down the days till this sonogram, to finally learn once and for all, what is number five?  At fifteen weeks pregnant, I had an ultrasound done by a doctor friend who was 95% sure it was a girl.  It wasn’t definitive because that’s pretty early, but I’ll admit, I’ve been thinking pink ever since then.

My girl name’s list is two pages long.  I’ll put it that way.

I was the very model of restraint during my ultrasound, and had the technician write down the results and put it in an envelope.  We finished up (all was healthy and sound with the baby), and I came out to a waiting room full of expectant faces.  What is it? they all ask.  I handed the envelope to Czarina.  She tore into it, and well… see for yourself.





Yup.  See that arrow?  And in case there was any doubt, a hand-written note from the technician.  It’s definitely a boy.  I was so shocked, you could have knocked me over with a feather.  And I’m not the only one– you should have seen King Pen’s face.  FOUR BOYS!  Whoa!  We’ve both decided to double up on vitamins and  start stockpiling Red Bull.  ‘Cause we’re gonna need it.

Four. boys.

Heaven help us.


PS.  I’ll apologize in advance to my youngest son, for sharing pictures of his business on the internet.  Sorry, babe.  But the people demand proof.