When we lived in Birmingham, we hiked a lot. It was our family past time, and we loved it! It was a great way to “commune with nature.” Here in Louisiana, though… well, you don’t hike voluntarily. It’s hot, humid, the undergrowth is FULL of briars and snakes, and not to mention the mosquitos, which are often mistaken for BIRDS around here. You don’t traipse around the Louisiana wilds unless Yankee troops are on your tail. Then, you ‘git.
Sorry– past life or something there.
Anyway, so, we’ve been missing our nature walks. However, we’re recently discovered a new family activity, fishing! It’s not as cardio-vascular as hiking, but you probably sweat off a pound or two in an afternoon. (A few more Saturdays, and I’ll be back in my skinny jeans, pregnant or not!!) The kids are having a ball, and seem to have a lot of luck in the little pond near our house. King Pen has been busy baiting hooks and untangling lines for several Saturdays in a row now, and I do think he’s a fishing convert as well.
The three oldest kids pile up in his old red Ford truck for the one minute drive to the pond, windows down, poles in the back. I follow with Chipmunk in the van so we can leave early if need be– and here is what we do:
HeroBoy, waits patiently for his cork to bob:
Czarina with a tiny brim and a big smile:
The Duke and Chipmunk watch for turtles, or tadpoles, and amazingly, do not fall in (this time):
King Pen puts on another worm:
Chipmunk can’t figure out why the fish aren’t biting– he IS wearing his fishing hat, after all:
And HeroBoy, still waits, loving every minute of it:
And me… well, I take the pictures. Although, I know what to do with a worm if King Pen’s not around. I did grow up in the South, after all. But MY dad’s truck was green.