Whoops! I keep taking week long sabbaticals from writing, but it’s entirely unintentional. We’ve been at my inlaws house for a few days, and they have dial-up, bless their hearts. So, instead of checking emails and blogging, I’ve spent my mornings sprawled out on the porch swing with a pillow, laying on my back, gazing up at the leaves shuddering on the branches. It’s always breezy on the Brimberry, because they are surrounded by long cottonfields that don’t block the wind. The kids played around, riding bikes or digging in the sandbox, and I just lay there, listening to the locusts and the birds and the rustling foliage. I could feel everything resetting within me. It’s a delicious feeling.
We got back yesterday, because the Duke had an eye appointment. He didn’t pass his eye exam at the pediatrician, so we figured he needed glasses. Yup. But only for reading, and working with things up close. He’ll probably outgrow them before too long, but in the meantime, he’s going to be TOO CUTE. I’ll post a picture when they come in, so you can see my little scholar.
Coming up Saturday is HeroBoy’s second to last soccer game. It’s been a great season, lots of fun for us! My sister is coming in Friday to spend the night and see him play the next day.
So, today, that means putting the house back together! Yikes. It’s a bit of a mess. Next week, the older three have vacation bible school, so I’m hoping to get some major organizing and cleaning done. I am so OVER the chaos, right now. I am in desperate need of a clean, orderly space!
Well, that brings you up on what we’ve been doing lately. Sorry I’ve been so out of pocket recently. I’m hoping things will settle back down into a routine (for a while anyway!) and I can pick up the pen again.
Have a good Thursday, everybody!!