Yesterday was rough. I was out of sorts all day long. Off my game. But today, oh happy day!! I got enough sleep last night and I am present and accounted for this morning. Let the day begin!
Normally on Thursdays, we go to storytime at the library. But, with King Pen’s truck in the shop, we’re sans wheels. So, it’s just school and housework today. (I know it’s hard, but try not to be jealous.) King Pen will hustle home after work to take HeroBoy to soccer practice, and Czarina is hitching a ride with one of her friends to the Brownie meeting tonight. The truck should be ready tomorrow– luckily it was just a minor repair!
Speaking of Brownies, our trip this past weekend was equal parts fun and uncomfortable!! I can’t even relive the bus ride long enough to describe it to you- it was that bad. We left at 3:30 A.M. and arrived in Dallas at 8:30. I slept a few hours, or rather, went into some kind of bodily shock and came to a little later. It was rough. But the King Tut exhibit was something else. I really enjoyed it, once I got over the fact that what I was seeing was REAL and not just cheesy Egyptian props. It was very crowded though, so after a while, you started to feel claustrophobic. They didn’t allow pictures within the exhibit, so that kind of stunk. My favorite relic was King Tut’s toddler chair. It was so cute– I could totally envision a little Tut perched in his fancy, big boy chair.
After King Tut, we went to the Dallas zoo, just to be extra exhausted for the ride home! It was nice as well. We were there when they were releasing butterflies in the children’s area— that was neat. All the kids got an envelope with a butterfly in it, and they opened them at the same time. It was lovely.
We watched a few movies on the way home, and finally I nodded off till we rolled in at about 11:30. It was a whirlwind trip, but it was a fun time. I enjoyed sharing it with Czarina– watching her interacting with her peer group, being a big girl. I know it’s something she’ll always remember, too.
King Pen watched the boys that whole day, and graciously allowed us some girl time. It was very sweet of him, and I appreciate it. I think he enjoyed having just the boys. From what I hear, they didn’t wear shirts all day long. A true boys day!
Anyway, those few pictures I posted are just a drop in the bucket. I saw the zoo as a great opportunity to practice with my telephoto lens, and I got some wonderful animal shots. Not so sure what to do with them now, but it was fun to get such clear shots! Next in the photo installment are some pictures I took in my mother-in-law’s yard, which is a Southern Garden of Eden if ever there was one. I’ll save that for another post though.
Have a happy Thursday, everybody.