Argh! This was one of those mornings when I had to fight my way to consciousness. Wading through that thick, syrupy sleepiness was a battle. As matter of fact, I got up and went on to make breakfast for the kids and get to my day, only to discover that I was STILL ASLEEP!! My brain out and out tricked me!! I couldn’t believe my sneaky little body figured out a way to get a few more minutes of sleep, by constructing a dream that made me think I was awake. I don’t know at what point I realized it, but I was appalled at the lengths my sly little self would go.
But, I’m well and truly awake now. (I think.)
So, an update on yesterday’s post, my great uncle. He passed away quietly with his loved ones around him. My mom said that he opened his eyes at the end, and he was gazing off at something they couldn’t see. His eyes got very wide, and then they closed, and he was gone. As my mother was telling me this, I was imagining that he must have been seeing his mother, my great grandmother Turnipseed (yes, that was her real name!!), who went to be with the Lord when I was four or five. Uncle Ben was always very child-like because of his Downs, and a reunion with his mother would be heaven indeed for him. As I was thinking all this, my mother went on to say all the same things. I rejoice for Uncle Ben today. Though his presence will be missed, we cannot help but marvel at the new body and the new mind he has at this moment– what a homecoming!! What a glorious image of shedding this earthly form for the freedom of a perfect body in union with Christ.
So, we’ll be traveling again this weekend for the funeral.
As for the rest of the week, there’s school to do, some major cleaning projects, and generally trying to put things back to normal. It’s been sort of chaotic lately. I need to get caught up on our regular stuff, so that I can get to the extra stuff. It’s all piling up around me!!
Not much of a post today, I realize. Hopefully, this is one of those “extras” I can get to once I’m on task again with everything else.
Have a good day, everybody. Thanks for your prayers yesterday.